Why Start a #GivingTuesday Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign

Giving Tuesday was established about 7 years ago when two organizations came together to help the “giving season” get started. These organizations, 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation felt people needed to be reminded that there is more to holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas than consumerism.

Giving Tuesday 2018 is fast approaching and you should really consider starting a peer to peer fundraising campaign! Here’s why:

1. You will raise more money

Not only does friends asking friends for donations result in significantly higher response rates, but they also give significantly more (about 52%)! Cretae a peer to peer fundraisong campaign fro #GivingTuesday and watch your donations take off! You can also create one for free with Fundful P2P!

2. Peer to peer fundraising suits one-day giving

When campaigns are urgent or “today only” people tend to react. Research suggests that a time-limited fundraiser stops potential donors from filing away the idea of giving at a later date and gets them to act immediately.

3. Provides opportunity for meaning

#GivingTuesday takes place around the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) and this is traditionally the time when people are thinking about giving back. Approximately 50 percent of non-profits report that they receive the majority of donations during the last three months of the year. Many people are looking to bring meaning to the holidays beyond giving gifts to family and friends. #GivingTuesday also gives parents the opportunity to teach their children about compassion at this time of year.

4. Less stressful for staff

This type of campaign can take some of the burden off of staff who ordinarily have to be front and center for community-driven fundraising campaigns. In other words, campaigns that require a lot of hands-on attention. #GivingTuesday initiatives free up staff time for the dozens of other tasks that need attention at a non-profit. A lot of the planning for #GivingTuesday is done at the front end so once it is up and running, your fundraisers/supporters take over.

5. Holidays provide opportunity

Most people celebrate holidays with family and friends and conversation usually turns to what you have been doing lately or what is new in your life. What a great opportunity for people to share that they are involved in #Giving Tuesday. Holiday socializing is the perfect time for fundraisers to enlist their family and friends in person.


Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS India was established in 1995 to protect the country’s natural heritage, including forests and wildlife. While they have a #Giving Tuesday campaign, they spend a lot of time and energy cultivating long-term, year-round relationships so that when they have their yearly #GivingTuesday, donors are aware of the Wildlife SOS movement and want to participate. All year long they concentrate on animal sponsorships and providing donors with updates so they are not scrambling come #GivingTuesday to gain attention.

Painted Turtle

In 1999 actor Paul Newman helped establish The Painted Turtle, a camp in California where children with chronic and life-threatening illness could enjoy all the trappings of a summer camp experience. The non-profit holds a #GivingTuesday campaign whereby they encourage people to create their own fundraiser and use the peer-to-peer concept to solicit support for their efforts. All proceeds from each participant’s fundraising goes to The Painted Turtle so they can offer the camp experience to kids for free. Your non-profit can ask people to come up with their own one-day fundraiser thus taking the pressure off of staff.

Boston Terrier Rescue

Some non-profits use direct tie-ins to the holidays to draw people’s attention. After-all everyone is thinking about Christmas right after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. To capitalize on holiday brain, the Arthritis Society in Canada came up with a clever slogan that people can relate to.” What if …1 in 5 Elves couldn’t make toys?” Putting things in perspective can go a long way in encouraging people to donate as well as spread the word on your behalf. Boston Terrier Rescue Canada has taken a similar approach. In 2014 the organization created the “Giving Tree Campaign” where supporters could fund a virtual decoration or a gift under a tree to help support their cause. The clever idea spread via donors online so they reached their fundraising goal quickly.

Canadian Red Cross

Some non-profits have discovered that partnerships with local businesses can help boost marketing efforts for #GivingTuesday. Last year the Canadian Red Cross joined forces with Aviva Canada. They ran their annual holiday giving campaign with a theme of 500 life-changing gifts in one day. Supporters were encouraged to build a survival kit from a list of gifts to deliver hope to the less fortunate during the holiday season. A donation on #GivingTuesday meant Aviva Canada would match that gift. For example, a $15 donation towards a warm blanket, $20 for a grocery pack, or $45 for a disaster relief pack.

Start a free #GivingTuesday peer to peer fundraising campaign today!

Create a FREE Peer to Peer Fundraising campaign today!