The Importance of a Branded Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign

Branding used to be an exercise that was generally seen in the for-profit world but over time non-profits realized in order to be competitive they needed a brand strategy too. We take this notion a step further and suggest that branding is crucial to your non-profit when you are launching a campaign, event, or program.

Peer to peer fundraising platforms that allow you to control the branding help non-profits raise money and brand awareness. By using the color schemes, images, and logo that identify your organization, and using consistent messaging, as well as hashtags commonly associated with your non-profit, your nonprofit’s brand and messaging are maintained throughout the entire campaign. The reality is that brand consistency and recognition play a big part in the fundraising experience.

When your website homepage, campaign page, and peer to peer fundraising pages maintain a consistent design, you gain supporter recognition and trust. If you want your organization to take full advantage of a branded peer to peer fundraising campaign, here are a few tips that should help:

Be Consistent

Whatever messaging, design, and colors your non-profit uses on your website, in brochures or other marketing collateral, should be used on your branded peer to peer campaign page. There is no need to redesign. In fact, it can be a mistake to reinvent yourself for a peer to peer campaign. Shack-A-Thon is a good example of consistency. It is a fundraiser by students in the United States who bring awareness to lack of affordable housing. Both their website and their branded peer to peer fundraising campaign page, as seen below, share the same bright red coloring and shacks in the foreground.

Create a Video

A fundraising video that inspires people to participate in your peer to peer fundraising campaign can be one of the most powerful tools. Marketing research indicates that video is shared six times more than photos. Think about how many people could potentially learn about your efforts if you made a video that led people to your branded peer to peer fundraising campaign. Here is just one example of a great, inspirational video by Project Renewal.

Be Relatable

Relating to your audience is key to forming a connection. If your branded peer to peer campaign page includes pictures of major celebrities, for example, potential donors might think your organization really doesn’t need their help. Being relatable can also mean explaining how your organization helped someone.

Start Now!

Recent market research suggests that about 1/3 of all donations made online are through peer to peer fundraising campaigns and that number is expected to climb in the coming years. By tapping into this trend and using a branded campaign, non-profits can increase their brand awareness, recruit new supporters and donors, entice new volunteers, and ultimately raise a lot more money!

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