Successful Peer to Peer Fundraising Birthday Campaigns

You might not have known this, but allowing your supporters to pledge their birthday to your cause can equal big bucks for your nonprofit! There is everything to gain and nothing to loose in creating a birthday campaign.

Charity: water

The nonprofit, Charity: Water has raised millions of dollars for clean water projects through their peer to peer fundraising birthday campaigns. They are definitely one to follow when it comes to designing a birthday campaign that really works.

Scott Harrison launched Charity: Water just over a decade ago. It was around the same time he turned 31. To celebrate, he had a big party and raised $15,000 to build and repair wells in a Uganda refugee camp. Today the Charity: Water website indicates that 17,000 people have donated their birthdays, and as a result, the nonprofit has raised more that $9 million for clean water projects!

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise provides safe schools, and educational resources for primary students in poor countries. They also have a very successful peer to peer fundraising birthday campaign as part of their “Take Action” efforts. A few years ago, celebrities started taking notice of the birthday efforts and began supporting Pencils of Promise.

Some participants take the birthday pledge a step further by combining their pledge with an activity. For example, they might take part in a 10K run on their birthday to raise funds for cancer research or some other cause.

Other Examples

There are lots of other examples of successful peer to peer fundraising birthday campaigns, too. The Looking Out Foundation, which was established by a group of Grammy-nominated artists in 2008, helps raise funds for a variety of causes and encourages birthday pledges. The Keep A Breast Foundation and asks people to get creative with their own fundraising ideas, including birthday pledges.

Many nonprofits are starting birthday campaigns because they’re just so easy to set up, and once the setup is done, your supporters do the rest of the work! With a platform like Fundful P2P, you can have a “Pledge Your Birthday” button on your website in just a few clicks. Participants can then start creating fundraising pages and raising money for your cause with very little effort from you.

If your nonprofit is considering a peer to peer fundraising birthday campaign, keep the following in mind:

  • Clear Call-to-Action – Make sure the call to action on your website is clear, bold and backed up by graphics.
  • Emphasize Opportunity – Rather than asking people to solicit for you, present your birthday strategy as an opportunity. For instance, Liberty in North Korea, an organization supporting refugees, uses the hashtag #lifechangingbirthdays to describe their fundraising.
  • Testimonials – Include birthday pledge participants in videos that you post on social media. Social video can generate a lot of shares.

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