8 Ways to Help Peer to Peer Fundraising Participants Raise More

Imagine what it is like for someone taking part in a peer to peer fundraiser for the first time. There is usually initial excitement about getting involved then a feeling of bewilderment since it is unchartered territory. There are also those who have taken part in peer-to-peer fundraising before but don’t really understand best practices to maximize their results.

Your supporters can raise significant amounts of money and bring new peer to peer participants to your fundraising campaigns if they receive the right guidance. While you can’t raise the money for them, you can teach them how to put their best effort forward.

Here are eight ways you can encourage your peer-to-peer participants and thus raise more funds for your organization:

1. Provide samples

It can be very helpful to fundraisers if you supply them with sample fundraising emails, approved logos or other images, and wording for emails and social media posts.

2. Explain how to approach business contacts

Fundraising with the corporate world is not the same as asking a friend or family member for support. Offering up suggestions on how to approach corporate contacts, such as a vendor or customer is a good idea. Additionally, let them know who your primary corporate relationships are so that there is no doubling up.

3. Encourage team participation

Teams tend to raise more money and create a lot of fun, friendly competition.

4. Place a spotlight on fundraisers on your website

Recognition is a good way to encourage participates. Some organizations list their top fundraisers. For example, the YWCA Calgary recognizes top Walk a Mile participants on their website.

5. Suggest starting with an easy goal

When you encourage participants to start with an easy goal and then they reach it or surpass it, that achievement feels great and can be shared on social media to encourage more donations.

6. Allow first donations to be their own

If a fundraising participant opens with a small donation, it can stimulate more donations.

7. Consider a help hotline

First timers can find the process of peer-to-peer daunting but a hotline that allows them to reach out and ask specific questions and that enables you to coach them through conversation, can be very effective. Remember that a good first experience will likely result in that person signing up for the next fundraising campaign.

8. Offer them a chance to connect with your organization

It can be helpful to allow fundraisers to meet the people who will be helped by their efforts or for them to see places that will be impacted by their fundraising. Sometimes, just getting a tour of your offices and talking with you face-to-face is enough to get participants super-charged about fundraising.

Much of what we have outlined here are easy, common sense approaches to supporting peer-to-peer participants. When fundraisers receive a little guidance as opposed to being left to figure it all out as they go along, there is less chance for error and more likelihood people will find their fundraising profiles, as well as support their efforts.

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