8 Social Media Tips for Your Peer to Peer Campaign

Social media has made it a lot easier to spread the word about your peer to peer fundraising campaign. If you’re strategic about it, these tips could really help your campaign take off!

1.Brand your campaign

When you’re running a peer to peer fundraising campaign, it’s important to remember branding. All of the really successful peer to peer fundraising campaigns have always gotten the branding right. Branding on social media involves everything from colours, logos, and fonts, to the tone of your message, and the use of hashtags which we’ll talk about later. You want everything you post on social media to tie back to your brand!

2.Choose the right platform

There are so many online platforms to choose from, but posting on multiple networks and seeing what works is not a smart way to start. Do some research to find out what platforms your target audience is likely to use. Also, consider what platforms are best for telling your organization’s story. What resources (time, money and effort) you plan to spend on social media management will also help dictate what platforms you use.

3.Think about appeal

If your post is not educational, controversial, entertaining, funny, interactive, timely, or touching, then you are wasting your time. The post has to be appealing to draw attention.

4. Use playful gestures

Simple recognition or a playful gesture can garner a lot of attention on social networks. Vs. Cancer is an organization that draws on high school and college baseball teams to raise funds for childhood cancer research. Athletes and coaches often shave their heads to honor those battling cancer. Calling out participants on social media by posting pictures of their shaved heads is fun and serves as encouragement.

5.Use hashtags

One of the better ways to gain attention through social platforms is to brand your campaign with a hashtag. Your hashtag can be the name of your campaign or a catchy slogan. Barbells for Boobs encourages athletes to fundraise for early detection of cancer. They are known for coming up with fun, social encouragement hashtags to draw attention to their efforts. For instance #MCM stands for Man Crush Monday as seen in the social post above.

6. Collective impact

Instead of celebrating individual successes, you can focus on collective impact. For example, you can post a photo of the week that showcases what your organization has done for recipients of fundraising efforts. This tactic often inspires others to give.

7. Think quality and quantity

Many people get caught up in the number of posts, but having quality posts is important too. Make sure your photos and videos look professional, that your branding is strong, and post often!

8. Multimedia approach

Taking a multimedia approach means that you use a combination of pictures, videos and sound to get your message across. Words are great, but images and sound can be very powerful. If video is too timely and expensive for your organization to produce, consider infographics as an alternative. You should also vary your posts so you don’t have three sounds bites in a row or three infographics in a row. Mix it up. Having a posting schedule can be really helpful.

Being active on social media during a peer to peer fundraising campaign is vital. A carefully thought out strategy for postings can deliver amazing results!

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