6 Holiday Peer to Peer Fundraising Ideas

Many organizations like to run peer to peer fundraising campaigns in the Spring because they want to take advantage of the good weather, but Winter can work even better for a peer to peer fundraising campaign because it tends to bring out generosity in people!

Here are six winter campaign ideas that just might inspire you:

1. Santa Run

If a run works in the summer, it can also work in the winter, too! The Great Santa Run held in San Francisco is proof of that. This event gives registrants a Santa suit, goodie bag, and a participation medal. If you hold a similar Santa Run, you can ask runners to create a personal fundraising page and give out an award for the most authentic Santa or the Santa who raises the most.

2. Ski-a-thon

The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa is proof that a ski-a-thon can be successful. They hosted a ski event that brought in close to $150,000. You can start a peer to peer fundraising campaign on Fundful P2P and do the same! Ask participants to start a fundraising page to support their efforts and raise money for your cause.

3. Winter night

Homelessness is a big problem in our society, but C-U at Home is trying to make a difference. Their One Winter Night peer to peer fundraising campaign asks participants to spend one winter night outside in a large cardboard box to raise funds to help those who have nowhere to go. Participants create a fundraising page and asks their friends and family to donate to support their efforts. People who pass by on foot can also make a cash donation on the spot. The row of boxes lined up on the street draws a lot of attention, and awareness for the cause, and this one peer to peer campaign has been the organization’s main source of funding. During their first One Winter Night event eight years ago, they raised $30,000. This year their goal is to raise $250,000!

4. Polar plunge

It is remarkable just how many people are willing to dive into an icy cold body of water to support a good cause! Many non-profit organizations have held a polar plunge event. West Virginia residents dive into frigid waters every winter to support the Special Olympics. Last year just a small group registered but $20,000 was raised for the cause!

5. Baking competition

Cooking and baking shows seem to be all the rage these days, so why not capitalize on that with a cookie or gingerbread-making contest. Participants can create a fundraising page and ask for donations for a good cause. You could gather up some judges from local bakeries to choose the winning creation and charge a small fee for the public to attend the judging ceremony to see the winner and purchase some baked goods.

6. Indoor Run-a-thon

So you think it’s too cold to run outside? Consider taking your run indoors! You could have a treadmill running challenge or a stationary bicycle challenge. Each participant can create a fundraising page and you can get a local business to donate a prize to the top fundraiser.

Our research suggests that about 30 percent of giving last year took place in the month of December. We also know that about 28 percent of non-profits raise between 25 and 50 percent of their annual funds from year-end asks. If you haven’t already planned a winter peer to peer fundraising campaign, there’s still time!

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