4 Successful Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaigns in Healthcare

Those who advocate for good health tend to be very passionate about fundraising, which could account for some of the successful peer-to-peer efforts in this industry.

Whether you are in the healthcare field or not, your non-profit can benefit from looking at successful peer-to-peer campaigns run by health organizations. Here are three successful peer-to-peer stories:

1. KidneyNation

KidneyNation is a year-round peer to peer fundraising campaign put on by the American Kidney Fund. It gives supporters the option of fundraising or donating. They are known for their strong hero image and call to action: “Join KidneyNation, a nationwide community of people like you, who want to create a better world for …”

2. Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival is a peer to peer fundraising campaign run by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the United States. A patient started the initiative back in 2007 with the support of Equinox; a fitness centre that focuses on cycling. Sloan Kettering became the owner a couple years later and secured Equinox as the official founding partner. That partnership, along with great branding and making participants feel like they are really making a big difference, is said to have helped Cycle for Survival become so successful.

Today, there are indoor team cycling events in 16 cities and the peer to peer fundraising campaign has raised over 100 million dollars to help find treatments for rare forms of cancer.

3. Extra Life

Not everyone likes to cycle, run, swim, or participate in other physically demanding peer to peer fundraising campaigns, so Children’s Miracle Network Hospital came up with a pretty unique idea! Extra Life brings thousands of gamers from around the world together to play video competitions in support of the hospital.

This peer to peer fundraising campaign has raised approximately 40 million dollars. Fundraisers now have the opportunity to raise money outside the single-event campaign. One person committed to getting an Extra Life tattoo if he reached the goal set on his fundraising page. Others hold traditional events like bake sales to raise money for the cause. All of these peer to peer fundraising ideas are covered in The Master List of Peer to Peer Fundraising Ideas.

4. Breast Cancer Crusade

This peer to peer fundraising campaign is run by Avon. Yes, Avon the cosmetic company. At one point, they designed two campaigns instead of one, so they could target two specific audiences: The general public and Avon representatives.

Today their crusade is described as inspirational not only for fundraising participants but for those fighting breast cancer. In addition to raising funds through their peer to peer fundraising campaigns, the company helps guide people to cancer resources and offers a year-round breast cancer fundraising product line. Avon’s participation in raising funds to improve breast cancer outcomes is 25 years old and going strong – perhaps a sign they are doing something right!

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