4 Celebration Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaigns

1. Birthday

Birthday peer to peer fundraising campaigns are so easy to pull off! All you have to do is ask your supporters to pledge their birthday to your cause. When it comes time for their special day, they can create and personalize a birthday fundraising page and share it with their family, friends, and colleagues to ask for donations instead of a gifts. Many non-profits run these types of campaigns, including PCI, charity: water, the American Cancer Society, the ASPCA, Share Our Strength, and Reading Partners, just to name a few. With a platform like Fundful P2P, you can have your birthday campaign up and running in a few minutes!

2. Baby Shower

This is a fundraising strategy that is way underused. One of he biggest peer to peer baby shower campaigns was run by UNICEF and Shakira. While a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador back in 2013, Shakira was expecting her first child so instead of receiving baby gifts at a traditional shower, she joined forces with UNICEF to offer fans access to her virtual baby shower where people could choose from five different suggested gifts to give a child a healthy start in life. The life-saving gifts were then distributed to the poorest children around the world. At the time, Shakira and her husband made this video announcement about the shower.

3. Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvahs can also be turned into a peer to peer fundraising campaign! WE is a movement that brings people together to help change the world for the better. The organization encourages people to set up a bar or bat mitzvah page on a fundraising platform like Fundful, that tells people you are raising funds for this big milestone in your life as opposed to receiving gifts. Instead of having a bar/bat mitzvah party, some people hold specific fundraising events, such as a walkathon or golf tournament to help spurn donations. There are other organizations that run these types of campaigns too, including OneFamily, a non-profit with a goal of empowering victims of terror, wounded soldiers, and Bereaved Families.

4. Wedding

A few years ago, there was an organization called, “The I Do Foundation” on the web. They allowed couples to register for wedding gifts with various retailers who agreed to donate a portion of the sales to a non-profit. This idea can be altered slightly so that people getting married can raise funds for a charity of their choice. It could work much like birthday celebrations, where in lieu of wedding gifts, wedding guests are encouraged to donate to a particular cause.

Almost any celebration can be transformed into a peer to peer fundraising campaign, and using a platform like Fundful P2P makes it easy!


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